Vol. 4 No. 4 (2021): October-December

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Research articles:  -Polylactic acid/multi-walled carbon nanotubes (PLA/MWCNT) nanocomposite for 3D printing of medical devices -Graphical interface for the control of the trajectory following of a sanitizing robot in controlled spaces -Solid state resonant circuits and wireless electrical power propagation for mobile devices applications -Urban mobility device for wheelchair users in the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico (ZMVM) -Photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline-antibiotic under ultraviolet light irradiation using supported TiO2 hierarchical nanoarchitecture -The graphic identifying writing models with socio-visual hegemony in the identification of architecture in Tampico (1914-1930) -Development of interactive gadgets: pedagogical, methodological and ergonomic aspects for industrial design -RGB photoelasticity software on plates of stress birefringent materials -Green synthesis of materials nanoestructurados of ZnO in the degradation of organic polluting agents by means of the heterogeneous photocatalysis -Evaluation of particleboard production from cotton gin waste and urea-formaldehyde resin -Analysis of the thermal performance of an assembly constructive system in an extremous dry warm climate
Published: 2021-10-06

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