Policy post-publication discussions

The Revista de Ciencias Tecnológicas (RECIT) adheres to the policies established by COPE. This procedure applies to complaints that relate to content, procedures, or policies that are the responsibility of RECIT's editorial team. Complaints can provide an opportunity and encouragement to improve, so our goal is to respond quickly, courteously, and constructively. The procedure described below is intended to be fair to those who file complaints and to the people reported.

Complaints must be sent directly by email to recit.fcitec@uabc.edu.mx and will be treated confidentially.

Complaints in RECIT are coordinated by a complaints team with individual complaints handled by the most appropriate staff member, with the opportunity to escalate if they cannot be resolved.

All complaints will be formally acknowledged within five business days. If possible, a full response will be made within two weeks. If this is not possible, a provisional answer will be given within two weeks. Further interim responses will be provided until the complaint is resolved.