Section policies

Publication options

Investigation article:

The document presents original research results in detail. The document must clearly show the problem that is being dealt with and the previous works recently published in the scientific literature, it must also describe in a rigorous and complete way the proposed methods and experimental results that demonstrate the contribution of the work in the areas of Aerospace, Biofuels, Applied Bioengineering, Materials Science, Construction and Edification, City, Design, Design Sciences, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Electronics and Instrumentation, Innovation Strategies and Technological Development, Energy Systems, Software, and Emerging Technologies and Nanotechnology. Also present a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of these, in contrast to the state of the art, and finally, a section of conclusions that respond to the objectives set and are generated from the content of the manuscript.

Review article:

The document results from an investigation where the results of published or unpublished research on a field in science or technology are analyzed, systematized and integrated, in order to account for progress and development trends. It is characterized by presenting a careful bibliographic review of at least 60 references.

Study of cases:

These articles report on specific cases of interesting phenomena. One goal of case studies is to make other researchers aware of the possibility that a specific phenomenon may occur. This type of study is used to discuss specific problems of a place, institution, country, etc.

Technical note:

The technical notes must be brief, consisting of modifications to techniques, handling of instruments and/or equipment, reports of cases of particular interest, preliminary work and/or studies in progress that, due to their results, warrant disclosure of the information. The text will have the same sections as the Research Article. It should not exceed eight pages.