Graphical interface for the control of the trajectory following of a sanitizing robot in controlled spaces


  • Carlos Guillermo Miguélez Machado Instituto de Ingeniería y Tecnología IIT
  • Ángel Israel Soto Marrufo Instituto de Ingeniería y Tecnología IIT
  • Israel Ulises Ponce Monarrez Instituto de Ingeniería y Tecnología IIT
  • Francesco García Luna Instituto de Ingeniería y Tecnología IIT



Graphic user interface, Sanitizing robot, Simulated model of the robot, Path planning and trajectory tracking


In the present work, a Development Graphical User Interface for interaction with a tridimensional simulation model of a sanitizing robot in a simulated room is proposed for navigation algorithms tests implemented on it. At the same time, the behaviors of exploration and disinfection path planning are implemented. The simulated model of the robot is based on the Omnidirectional Nexus 4WOmni Wheel of which the kinematic model is also proposed. Additionally, a graphic user interface to give basic commands to the simulated robot is proposed. The results of the implementation are proved through the implementation of navigation algorithms to the robot, also the behaviors of exploration, path planning, and disinfection trajectory tracking, and interaction of the graphic interface with the simulation.


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Built simulated room (top view in Gazebo simulator, bottom view in Rviz).



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