About the Journal

The purpose of the Revista de Ciencias Tecnológicas is to disseminate the original research and technological development carried out by the scientific community in all areas that include engineering and technology.

 Mainly 13 thematic axes are included:

  1. Biofuels
  2. Applied Bioengineering
  3. Material science
  4. Construction and Building
  5. City
  6. Design
  7. Design Sciences
  8. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
  9. Electronics and Instrumentation
  10. Technological Innovation and Development Strategies
  11. Software and Emerging Technologies
  12. Energy Systems
  13. Nanotechnology

As well as other related lines. All published works are original and have been strictly reviewed.

The concepts that appear in this publication are the sole responsibility of the authors. The content of the advertising is the responsibility of the advertising companies and institutions. The partial or total reproduction of any article is authorized on the condition of making a bibliographic reference to the Revista de Ciencias Tecnológicas.

Open reception of articles for our April-June 2021 issue

  1. First, check if your manuscript meets all the requirements specified in the Submission Preparation Checklist
  2. If your manuscript meets all the requirements, please register here, log in and send it to us here
  3. Please read all the refereeing steps you have to go through to get to the home stretch

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