Weibull strength distribution and reliability S-N percentiles for tensile tests





Mechanical design, True stress-strain, Weibull distribution., Fatigue reliability analysis, Stress/Strength, Reliability Engineering


Based on the true stress, the ultimate material’s strength, and the fatigue slope b values, the probabilistic percentiles of the S-N curve of ductile materials are formulated. The Weibull β and η parameters used to determine the product’s reliability are determined directly from the material’s strength values corresponding to 103 and 106 cycles. And since in Table corresponding to the properties of this A538 A (b) steel and collected by table 23-A of Shigley Mechanical Engineering Design book; authors present the σt, Sut, and b values of several materials, then the Weibull parameters for each one of these materials as well as the 95% and 5% reliability percentiles of their S-N curves are given. A step-by-step application to the steel A538 A (b) material is presented. And based on the maximum and minimum applied stress values, the corresponding Weibull stress distribution was fitted and used with the Weibull strength distribution, in the stress/strength reliability function to determine the element’s reliability.


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Probabilistic Percentiles for the S-N curve.



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