Simulación de un micro-evaporador para un micro-tubo horizontal circular de 1-mm




Micro-evaporator, Flow boiling, Numerical simulation, Subcooled liquid flow, Two-phase flow


Flow boiling into micro-channels is a good option of cooling solutions for electronic devices. Numerical simulations allow designing correctly before manufacturing. In this paper, the results of a steady-state one-dimensional simulation are presented for a single horizontal circular 1-mm tube. Through the refrigerant flows, two regions are distinguished: subcooled liquid flow and two-phase flow. Typical equations and correlations have been used for subcooled liquid flow; while one theoretical model has been used for two-phase flow. The results presented here are those by using perfluorohexane, which is used in the formulation of FC-72, a refrigerant for cooling electronic devices. For the range of tested parameters, the next conclusions come: i) from the point of view of choosing the pump, the highest subcooled level, and inlet pressure should be preferred; ii) in order to avoid the critical heat flux condition, the lowest inlet pressure should be preferred; iii) there is a contradiction for choosing the right inlet pressure because is opposite for the point of view of pump selection and critical heat flux condition.


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Schematic of the system.



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