Evaluation of second layer application processes to improve the scratch resistance of a water-based polymeric coating applied to glass substrates





Anti-scratch coating, Oleic acid, Silane, Combustion chemical vapor deposition (CCVD), UV curable coating


Tree kinds of anti-scratch coatings were applied to protect a polymer water base applied on glass surface. Oleic acid (AP5), silane by CCVD and lacquer by curing UV were evaluated. Each one of them was put in contact with two types of cardboard, laminated and polylaminated using Rub Tester Sutherland 2000TM equipment. At the end of the test, was evaluated the damage level for each sample. The coatings were evaluated both before and after applied the abrasion. Brightness, hardness, superficial tension, transmittance and lubricity were measure in each case searching the performance level of scratch resistance and protection of the prior film. Results show that the best behavior is reached with oleic acid used like lubricant. Also, the aesthetic properties of the first coating are not affected.


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AP5 application process diagram at the outlet of the annealing furnaces.



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