Complete automation of the processing of myocardial perfusion studies with 99mTc-MIBI in SPECT


  • Gerardo Luis Vazquez Escuela de Ciencia y Tecnología
  • Roberto Galli Escuela de Ciencia y Tecnología, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Martín de Irigoyen 3100 (1650) San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Carlos G. Einisman Programa de Estudios Posdoctorales. Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Juncal 1319, 3er piso (1062) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina



SPECT, Myocardial perfusion, Image processing, Automatic processing


The study of myocardial perfusion (EPM) in SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) at stress and rest with methoxy-isobutyl isomitrile labeled with metastable Technetium 99 (99mTc-MIBI), is a very common procedure in nuclear medicine. The manual processing of the EPM is largely standardized. However, the intervention of different operators during the production process of the medical diagnosis –the final objective of the practice– gives rise to intra- and inter-operator errors, reducing the reproducibility of the results and increasing the need to reprocess the studies. For this reason, the complete automation of EPM processing was proposed. For this, algorithms and automated procedures were developed using the MATLAB® program. The results obtained were positive in the 52 processed studies, managing to automate 100% of each of the stages of the procedure, obtaining total repeatability of results and short processing times with average values ​​of 15.8 seconds. Compared with the values ​​obtained in manual processing, the developed procedure met the proposed objectives and will allow the development of improvements and new algorithms for the automation of procedures, both in the area of ​​nuclear cardiology and in other fields of application of images. medical.


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Cross section reconstructed by the filtered backprojection method



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